About Us

Universal  PR is a full service Public Relations, crisis management, branding and  public perception agency. We are an association of experts with over 50  years of specialized public relations expertise brought together in 2011  to synergize the efforts of our team members. Universal PR brings  together an array of experience that can benefit clients large and  small. Our clients include large financial institutions, soft drink  industry giants, studio and production companies, telecommunications  companies, and utility companies. 

In  any discreet undertaking top quality expertise in many areas is  required to complete the whole picture. You may find individuals or  firms that can accomplish single tasks with outstanding results.  However, in order to complete the whole picture they are required to  integrate with other experts. It is the failure of multiple entities to  play well together that differentiates Universal PR. Our business model  creates a team of experts with an organizational structure,  accountability and reporting that results in the whole being much  greater than the sum of the parts. 

We  are not your traditional advertising oriented public relations firm. We  use innovative methods to create public awareness at the most basic  levels to create a demand for our client's public perception objectives.


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