Crisis Management

"Where your Goals and Our Strategies put the Crisis to rest"

Universal PR is an experienced business communications expert specializing in crisis management. With specific tactics and plan of actions set in place for your business needs, combined with our experienced Public Relations team, our critical emergency response will ensure the restoration and surety of your Company’s good name and reputation. We are your team when an unforeseen predicament or disastrous public ordeal has arrived. Universal PR assists our clients 24/7 and not only aides in the survival of a crisis situation, but we ensure the full restoration of great public perception and bring back the confidence of the public persona for our clients’ future.

Universal PR specializes in Mitigation of:

  • Legal issues stemming from corporate officers of Fortune 500 companies to celebrities and/or small business individuals
  • Product recalls
  • Work-related accidents and deaths
  • Plant closings
  • Workforce layoffs
  • Regulatory issues
  • Environmental issues

Universal PR can create and manage a crisis containment and recovery plan for any issue, including:

  • Vulnerability audits;
  • 24/7 crisis response team which can be mobilized      quickly and efficiently;
  • Crisis training for individuals, management teams and small      and large businesses

Universal PR’s strategic plan for Prevention of Legal Issues and negative Press include:

  • Internet & Social Media, Blogging specialists
  • Media and speaker training;
  • Research and analysis;
  • Coalition building, including identification of and      recruitment of potential third-party supporters;
  • Legislative and regulatory response planning, State,      Federal and International Governments
  • Developed Preventative Crisis materials
  • 24/7 statements of restoration for potential crisis      situations

Universal PR’s Public Relations planning can identify an organization's exposure or weakness, ultimately resulting in the prevention of an otherwise unforeseen crisis. This entity to our business has helped thousands of clients make changes in both process and procedure and avoid disastrous situations all together.

Nonetheless, any organization can find itself thrust into a crisis at any time without warning. How an organization and its leadership respond, especially in the crucial early hours and days, can have an enormous impact on reputations, brands and their bottom line. 

Universal PR’s approach to crisis management is to:

  • Restore and regain confidence;
  • Bring crisis under control; and
  • Deal with the intense media and public’s relentless      scrutiny

Companies, Individuals and organizations must keep their reputation intact; you must be prepared to communicate effectively and timely. Universal PR helps clients retain credibility, restore confidence and protect their bottom lines.

In the event of a crisis, we provide business crisis management, which includes:

  • 24/7 crisis readiness;
  • Circumstances assessment and short-term planning;
  • Communication development;
  • Crisis-related media outreach and response thru      thousands of media outlets domestically and internationally;
  • Crisis-related outreach to Governmental lawmakers and      State and Federal regulators;
  • Development of media information materials;
  • Sustenance advertising;
  • Grass roots mobilization and third-party activation;      and
  • Crisis-related research and analysis;
  • Short term, medium- and long-range strategic planning      to examine what damage has been done if any by the crisis and how to      prevent similar crises, maximize turnaround and minimize sustained damage;      and
  • Development and implementation of a communications      program to help restore public confidence in the brand and/or corporate      reputation (Restore and regain confidence)

The reality is that a crisis will happen, usually at the worst possible time: Murphy's Law ("If anything can go wrong, it will"). So, the best way to deal with a crisis is quickly and responsibly. The greatest fortune is the ability to turn the crisis into a positive situation and generate positive media attention. Time heals all wounds; Universal PR has the strategic tactics, experienced affiliates and teams in place to quickly and effectively end the crisis and restore positive Public Relations. Sometimes the best weapon you can have is you’re most silent one. Universal PR is your solution.