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Gently guide your team by the INTELLA-SMART™ PR agenda strategically designed by PR experts for your UNIQUE brand.

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„Find a new PR challenge to produce something creatively influential & uniquely yours - Branded.“

Essential INTELLA-SMART™ PR Apps

Content Creation

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Simple create + edit tools.
Push to Publish.

Push to Publish

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Easily update & recyle
Your best content.

Recycle Quality

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Not Quantity, quality.
We'll point it out.

Live Reactions

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Pre-built & custom Query and Filter.
Listening to the BS? REACT fast.

I look for passion, trustworthiness, and a product or service with a unique competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurial passion is contagious. It helps people propel through challenges and inspires others. Passion can make the difference between success and failure for many entrepreneurs and startup companies. Without it, people are likely to give up sooner.


Getting started is easy! We rolled in promted + guided agenda pop-ups so our pre-defined subtasks will get you and any team members started immediately!

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Simply Profound

Move aside listening tools. ESSENTIAL INTELLA-SMART™ PR APPS are now available to immediately begin remediating that nasty bad mouthing PR bug. It's time to effectively communicate your Brand's attitude, quickly and eloquently so - with a UPR strategy.

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The 100 greatest companies are identifying problems. Posing questions and strengthening greatness with United Public Relations strategies by UPR.

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Strategy adherance

UPR identifies the most admired companies, most innovative companies, the most desireable companies in world.

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Brand culture.

It's no secret, we'll reveal more later!

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