Universal PR Interviews CEO Roger McKeague of Sector 5, Inc.

Sector 5’s CEO, Roger McKeague is an Executive and an experienced Attorney with more than 20 years of experience leading system, process and organizational improvements in both public and private sector roles. This interview gives an inside look at Sector 5’s mission, Google Chromebook partnership, and current and future products. 

UPR: Who are you? How did your experience and passion bring you to lead Sector 5?


I have worked in leadership roles in law, real estate development, lawmaking, public health, and public education, among others. What does that all mean? Bottom line, I am passionate about working where I can improve the lives of people for a better future. When I was Executive Director of the Hawaii Charter School Administrative Office, during the post 2008 recession, we secured federal funding for the charter schools in Hawaii not only to survive, make payroll and stay open, but to actually receive additional teacher training, extra computers, academic resources and savings for future needs. The most important thing is, I have two daughters, turning 13 and 11. They are the reason I am excited to get out of bed in the morning. My girls are growing up in a digital world. Their computer competency is vital. I do everything I can to make sure that they have the tools they need. Every day, I get to make sure that other kids can have those tools too. 

UPR: Tell us about Sector 5 and your current operations and products.


Earlier this year, Chromebooks topped Macs in overall shipments to become the #2 most popular PC operating system in the US.* Our E1 Chromebooks offer full access to the most popular app store in the world, Google Play Store.  Now, Sector 5 Chromebook users have access to the full Microsoft Suite as well, enjoying free access to Microsoft office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook with the purchase of an E1 Chromebook. And they can stay in touch with family and friends with Skype!  Now people can connect with a variety of apps and do more when they are not connected to the Internet.

Our main aim at Sector 5 is to provide the best Chromebooks on the market at a very competitive price. Sector 5 is a Google Partner for Chromebooks. Our passion is to empower schools with the most productive technology at the best price to help educate and shape our future generations. At the Google Play store, there are over 1 million Android apps available now for Chromebooks. When Sector 5 launched its Chromebooks, the goal was to provide fast, simple and secure computing for students and end users. The Sector 5 E1 Chromebook comes with a sleek and attractive handle like a brief case. Virus protection and automatic updates are built-in, so you don't have to manage your computer. We offer schools the necessary training at a pocket-friendly price to launch a network that does not require a full time IT department. This saves money and reduces undesired downtime! We focus on delivering the best customer services and products. Sector 5 also makes high end affordable charging charts that can lock the Chromebooks safely. Instead of having up to 36 Chromebooks hooked up to wall chargers, dealing with cables, broken plugs for chargers, and the whole mess of having Chromebooks scattered across a classroom, they can be stored in a locked charging device. Not only does this make for a more orderly learning environment, it also prevents anyone from being tempted to steal a bunch of PC’s that they see unattended in an empty classroom.

Sector 5 also makes a large BIG set – 65” diagonal measure – with a 4K picture. It uses one of the best grades of LCD panel from Samsung and improves on it with far better backlighting that adds brightness, contrast, and crispness. Really tight dot pitch (pixel spacing) means a more liquid, more color photograph quality to the picture. 

SMARTER THAN A SMART SET: So-called Smart sets build in (at extra cost) Internet-streaming features for watching online content that most people already have because they’re watching through cable or satellite boxes with the same features, or using Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, or other game system/streaming devices. That’s an unnecessarily duplicated service. Besides, those Internet features on TVs are among the earliest to go obsolete as delivery protocols change. So it’s smarter to not spend the extra money when it doesn’t add any extra value – making this a smarter than smart set. These TV’s are available at now. Especially Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Our TV’s are currently on sale for $825.00. 

Universal PR: What differentiates your Chromebook from other computer devices?       


Our Chromebook is optimized for K12 educators and students, personal use and B2B. It is an ergonomic Chromebook that employs the latest technology to serve you better. Our Rugged E1 uses the latest RockChip 3288c processor chipset that functions with twice the graphical performance of other models on the market. This sophisticated and classy Chromebook has a robust design and a carrying handle to allow for easy portability. By incorporating a built-in handle, our Chromebooks are easier to pick up, handle and carry around with less risk of dropping. We are keenly aware that our electronics will be exposed to a busy daily life.  For this reason, we designed the E1 to be extremely robust and capable of surviving table height drops and our keyboards are resistant to spills so they can survive beverage mishaps. 

In addition, Google approved our new touch screen E2 Chromebook a couple months ago. We are very excited because this fantastic Chromebook utilizes the Intel Chipset and our price point will be under $300.00.

Universal PR: How do Chromebooks compete in the markets? 


Chromebooks topped Macs in overall shipments to become the #2 most popular PC operating system in the US* Students, parents and teachers now have a million reasons to buy a Sector 5 Chromebook. E1 Chromebooks offer full access to the most popular app store in the world, Google Play Store.  Now, Sector 5 Chromebook users have access to the full Microsoft Suite as well, enjoying free access to Microsoft office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook with the purchase of an E1 Chromebook. And they can stay in touch with family and friends with Skype!  Now people can connect with a variety of apps and do more when they are not connected to the Internet. Sector 5 E1 Chromebooks are the most Rugged Chromebook with a brief case handle on the market.  

Universal PR: What kind of support services do you offer?      


We have a team of experts, experienced in different fields, who provide customer service and support. They provide schools with support for low-cost deployment and ongoing support for devices and OS, minimizing strains on the IT department. Besides offering excellent services, they also produce market-leading consumer products employing the latest technology in every step of the production. This makes our products very user-friendly and, therefore, suitable for kids and educators. 

Sector 5 also suggest for Educators and Businesses to buy the Google Chromebook Management Console. Take control of your Chromebooks. You can manage 1 to 1,000’s of Chromebooks with ease. Google has totally nailed a solution to track your assets, assign devices to end users and get configuration and usage reports. The ability to have Pre-installed and Block apps! Create user’s groups, policies and apps and setting to different set of students, businesses and test takers!    

The CMC administrator can control user access, prevent unwanted outsiders from logging in, disable guest mode and designate the specific users within your settings/class rooms/offices that can use your Chromebook.  The CMC administer Sector 5 can train them to configure your network access. You can set network and proxy settings to make it easy for users to get up and start quickly without worrying about web filters and firewalls.  Your teachers can customize and create features like to bookmark and app sync across computers and brand your Chromebooks with custom Chrome themes.

Just think, teachers can turn off spell check and Google search during tests. What a powerful tool! 

Universal PR: Just how cost-effective and sustainable are your products for schools, businesses, and consumers?


Despite being leading providers of the latest and top rated Chromebooks on the market today, we offer them at the most competitive prices. Sector 5 has access to over thousands of app developers that are looking to bring in the next best app in the market.  This is because we aim at improving the welfare of our students and educators at large. With the affordable price, our products are very suitable for schools, businesses and consumers. Plus, we provide every school with the required training to launch a network with minimal aid of IT staff, reducing IT costs in schools. 

Universal PR: What kind of performance can be expected?         


After finding out that most students and educators suffer low productivity waiting for their electronic devices to start and boot up, we decided to come up with something unique. Our Chromebooks can turn on in a blistering six-seconds from standby, reducing everyday lost time. The overall performance in our OS HTML5 and Android is perfect and superior. This is because our Chromebooks use the new Google quad core ARM based CPU/GPU that is very powerful and enhanced, providing twice the graphical performance of the current Intel-based chipsets found in other Chromebooks. Besides its superiority, it is also capable of running 3D intensive apps in high-definition. This makes them very reliable and convenient, suitable for all your daily tasks. 

Universal PR: Is it difficult to use your Chromebooks?     


From the beginning, Chromebooks and the Chrome OS were designed with simplicity as a focus and foundation. Chromebooks are made for Speed, Simplicity and Security. The exponential adoption by schools further demonstrates the gentle learning curve for new users. Many parents are discovering that their children are already using Chromebooks proficiently. Our Chromebooks are simple to use and will guarantee both educators and students the ultimate productivity. Remote management can be enhanced by the Chrome Management Console (CMC), enabling the educator to manage and control all the devices remotely, using the central user interface. This will make the overall training for the students and educators very simple and fast. By the way, updates to the OS occur automatically at no cost. 

The CMC can block social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, snap chat, Instagram,, Textnow, Live.m, Tumblr, etc. 

Universal PR: What about security and virus protection?          


Besides great speed and simplicity, our Chromebooks are very secure and efficient in their services. The Chrome OS has a very low-security risk. To maintain top-notch security, they seamlessly scan and automatically update to protect against both spyware and viruses. Chromebooks automatically download the latest security patches or version updates of Chrome, so you won’t miss any important security patches. Desktop apps you download from the Chrome store have their own automatic updaters. This worry free approach enhances the security system of your Chromebook in the best way possible.

Sector 5 is establishing itself with the best Chromebooks on the market. Our devices are designed to suit both students and educators, making them the ultimate choice for schools. As Google partner, you are assured of excellent services and over 1 million apps on Google Play. Get one of our world-class Chromebooks at an affordable price today and you will realize how much you have been missing.[RQ1] 

*Source IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker, May 2016. 

About Sector 5, Inc.

Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SECT) is a Publicly Traded Proud American Corporation, that develops, manufactures, and sells innovative consumer electronics under its brand name, Sector 5. Sector 5 markets its Chromebooks to educational organizations and other B2B’s, and B2C sales channels and distribution with retail sales on AMAZON.  It is in development of several new products to serve both the educational, business and retail markets.


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