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Our business app marketplace includes apps on a get-as-you-grow basis.

The simple things

No more frustrations. Universal PR liberates you from the everyday PR pitfalls. UPR is dedicated to saving you from countless hours of lost productivity. Intella-Smart® PR Tools helps your team organize all your contacts, accounts, and reporter relationships in one place. Intella-Smart® PR Tools, all email communications and reporter interactions are automatically captured into the system.

Influence the right behaviors

As a direct result of better quality data, your professionals will be able to better manage the sales process, pipeline forcasting, and customer relations.
  • Track & Measure Performance in Real-Time
  • Create an Engaging Culture
  • Become More Emotionally Invested
  • Less Turn Over
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What We Believe

Streamlining and simplifing Public Relations
The standard age of Public Relations doesn't exist anymore. No more taditional press releases. Universal PR is helping you take advantage of social media outlets with comprehensive functionality from workflows. The business process should be a streamline automation allowing easy click navigation. UPR offers Intella-Smart® PR Tools packaging to quickly move customizations from sandbox to production. We belive that thought leadership is the new marketing trend which serves as great framework for loyal brands. Amplify your content with our audience targeted calendars creating more impactful conversions. Teams should be properly trained to handle experiences effectivley. When your team is educated and engaged with our Intella-Smart® PR Tools online reputation management becomes a simple process.
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