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Instantaneously, provided you are a logged in member, you can see a smart search query - that scours the web for your goods and bads. LOOK: Your highs and lows of PR. You've been indiated - now, use UPR create + push tools. AWWWWWWWWWW! Your BRAND CONTRO-O-OL. Oh Whoa!

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You and your team will be guided by the UPR light! learn your Brand's trends - you have awesome UPR tools, you create and you learn - On the UPR zip line! Fast track to success. You'll wind up with great content to recycle too. Exponentially better over time.

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Intella-Smart-PR-Universal-Public-Relations.jpg  Investor Relations All in One Cloud Management App Suite Intella-Smart® PR Tools NEW by Universal PR - Public Relations
Grow with UPR, Universal Public Relations

All in One Cloud Management App Suite
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With a customer first attitude, UPR experts are creating stronger Issuers. UPR is investing in the FUTURE. Strong alliances, excellent syndication, niche distribution, focused lead generation, capture, record, monitor, & measure w/ CLEAR KPIs


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Higher conversions | Higher Earnings | Better Reporting

Our SIC and NAICS PR Partner Groups

SIC-agriculture-forestry-fishing-PR.jpg Public Relations:  UPR - Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing by Universal PR

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

01-09 / 700,118
Currently, the Agriculture Sector is suffering from poor reputation, losing brand loyalty to failed consumer trust issues. UPR, Universal Public Relations, is now strategically working with these underdogs to restore faith by building a better image and increase growth conversions.


10-14 / 36,622
SIC-manufacturing-expert-PR.jpg SIC Manufacturing Public Relations & Brand Management by Universal PR


20-39 / 667,233
SIC-wholesale-trade-PR.jpg SIC Public Relations niche Wholesale Trade Expert GLOBAL PUBLIC RELATIONS with Universal PR

Wholesale Trade

50-51 / 749,530
Wholesale Trade

UPR Clients with Global Listeners

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Noteably, we are creating, driving & syndicating strategic content, in strategic places, to strategically chosen audiences at the right time.
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